Potato Masher And Its Uses


Potato Masher And Its Uses

Typically the potato masher or spud masher comprises of a strong straight or even side by side handle attached to a good solid mashing head. The top can be often a large-gauge metal inside a curved zig-zag pattern, or a platter with slots or slits. Simple variations created from one single piece of wooden were utilized in Even victorian times, prior to the more advanced contemporary models that are now used. This kind of wooden potato masher continues to be employed in Ireland and is termed as a ‘Potato-Beetle’ or simply a ‘Beetle’.

Common Uses of Potato Masher-

Despite the fact that potato mashers are commonly useful to crush potatoes, they have also been used in mashing many different food items. They are most utilized for home kitchens, but could also be used within industrial kitchens. Industrial mashers are usually of much larger build (up to thirty-two inches width). Additional typical uses consist of mashing pumpkins and rutabagas for soups, producing hummus, guacamole, chili, baking mix, egg salad, and even purées (depending on the fineness of the ridges).

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