Coffee Tampers

Kitchen Coffee Tampers At Kitchenily Store

The coffee tampers are made of Brazilian cherry, which are known for their density and resistance to water. Note that since it is a natural wood that will continue to darken with time, these coffee tampers do not stain. The coffee tamper will eventually darken to a maroon hue. Variations in wood color are normal and to be expected on this coffee tamper.

We recommend that you do not wash these coffee tampers in the dishwasher, because over time, the dishwasher will damage the beautiful wood finish and discolor the stainless steel head of your Carioca coffee tamper. To clean the Carioca coffee tamper, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. Your coffee tampers should not be “dirty” in the first place. After all it’s a Carioca! This coffee tamper makes a great gift.
You should look at our article “How to Use a Coffee Tamper Correctly for Uniform Extractions” if you’re not exactly sure how to use a coffee tamper correctly. With some simple technique, this coffee tamper will help you to make high quality extractions.

The most coffee tempers are given below:

1 Coffee Tamper(49 mm) Stainless Steel with Red or Blue Top
2 Coffee Tamper (52 mm.) Stainless Steel Base with Hardwood Handle
3 Coffee Tamper (52 mm) Solid Stainess Steel
4 Krome Coffee Tamper (52 mm.) with Black Handle
5 Coffee Tamper (53 mm.) Rosewood Handle with Stainless Steel Base
6 Coffee Tamper (57 mm) Solid Stainless Steel
7 Tiamo Coffee Tamper (57.5 mm.) “Ali” is a 1.75 lb. Heavyweight!
8 Coffee Tamper (57.5 mm.) “Captain Hook” is a Single Solid Piece!
9 Krome Coffee Tamper (57 or 58 mm.) with Navy Blue Handle