Kitchen Clothes

Kitchen Clothing At Kitchenily Store

Kitchen clothes are an essential part of the equipment necessary for a hygienic and well managed dining establishment. Unlike table linen your guests do not come into direct contact with these fabrics, but much of what is used to prepare what they eat and drink will come into contact with these kitchen clothes and this is why care should be taken in their purchase and laundering.

Cotton tea towels: these are the most obvious items for the check list. By buying a range of colors, tea towels can be identified for specific purposes and areas of use. Colored borders can also be used to identify those used for lunch/dinner or by days of the week – to help specify when they should be laundered.

Glass clothes: these are typically around 50 x 75 cm and of a higher quality, or weight, than tea towels metre) is considered acceptable for use with glass. Buying kitchen clothes with specific colored borders labelled ‘Glass’, can again help avoid mistakes in their use and in washing.
Stockinette Dishcloths: typically, these are 75% Cotton and are more durable for repeated laundering & washing.

Oven cleaning kitchen clothes: these type of clothes are usually of a lattice fabric to provide strength in their more heavy-duty use, and make them easily identifiable to avoid cross-use between areas of raw and cooked food.

Napkins: it is important that your choice of napkin matches the quality and design of your table linen. It is also useful to make the napkins clearly differential from your other kitchen linen, to avoid mistakes. The waiter’s cloths, in particular, should have a differently colored border as these they can sometimes be mistaken for napkins.